Portland Trailblazers – Champion Jersey

Although Champion started producing jerseys for every NBA teams for the 1990-1991 season, they didn’t begin producing replica jerseys for resale from 1991 to 1992 (most likely in the summer of 1991, before the start on the first day of season). This can be evident from the Portland Trailblazers jersey design. The Trailblazers used an “lower-case” Blazers logo for the 1990-1991 seasons. It is not the case that there are Champion Trailblazers replicas jerseys that feature the original “lower-case” Blazers logo. The logo was removed from Champion Trailblazers’s 1991-1992 season. The logo appears on all Champion Trailblazers replica Jerseys. However, the heat-transfer/screen-printing techniques that Champion used during the 1991-1992 production run were primitive. Champion may have rushed to have jerseys put on the market during the period of 1991-1992. Some of their first versions were not as precise or as basic as jerseys used by the teams. nba replica jerseys

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